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Datacollection limited to 250 respondents (academic version)

i have got a generell question about the datacollection in ssi web. I have uploaded my survey to the internet...at the moment there are over 100 respondents, which completed my survey. Furthermore there are <a lots of people who discompleted the survey. Therefore I have many incomplete datasets. Should i delete the incomplete respondents because otherwise i can`t get 250 complete respondents?

Thank you for helping.
asked May 23, 2014 by anonymous
I did not get your question completely. Are you saying dis-complete mean, disqualify.
I want to collect 250 complete data sets (complete respondents). I have read that datacollection with the academic version is limited to 250 respondents. Therefore the survey is closed auomaticly when 250 respondents answered the questionnaire. Let`s say that I have 200 complete respondent data and 50 incomplete respondent data...will the survey than automaticly be closed? Or is it possible to collect further 50 datasets until i have the 250 complete respondents data

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I assume the academic version allows you to download all data from the admin module to your hard drive / server?

When you setup your export via the Data Management menu option (under the File menu), you can filter to "completed surveys" only by setting the field sys_RespStatus=5 when you click on the "Filter" button. So when you export data it will only be exporting the <100 completes you were referring to.

I haven't used the academic version myself but I'm assuming the limit prevents you from exporting >100 surveys out?

Can a Sawtooth member confirm please? Regards.
answered May 24, 2014 by Paul Moon Platinum (65,230 points)
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Another option, just manually delete incomplete or disqualified data in the online admin tool.

In case you need it, take a look at incompletes record beforehand and note down the information for report or evaluation purposes.

answered May 24, 2014 by Andrew Bronze (975 points)
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There's a few parts in play here.  The hosting system, meaning fielding the survey through an account at hosting.sawtoothsoftware.com, will restrict you to 250 completed respondents if you have the Academic Lab license.  When the 250th complete is reached, the Survey Closed page in the admin module will trigger and close the front door.

You should still be able to download all data manually via the admin module, which will give you a CSV file.

SSI Web, however, will limit you to 250 respondents when you accumulate your data, either by auto-downloading via the Field menu, or by importing the CSV file (it should take the first 250 completes).
answered May 27, 2014 by Brian McEwan Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (38,315 points)