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Random but consistent forwarding to external URL


I have an ssiweb (v8.2.4) generated landing page which directs to 1 of 2 external URLs (URLa, URLb). The directing is based on a post-skip random number - so I can manage the % of respondents going to the 2 sites.

In short the issue I have is ensuring that returning users are always directed to the same URL – ie if user is randomly directed to URLa, they are always directed to URLa if they return.

This is what I would like to achieve:

New user (simple I think)

1.    New user enters their ID
2.    ID validated (they are all generated in advance)
3.    If ID is invalid – error msg saying check your ID.
4.    If ID is valid and unused – proceed as currently, ie randomly to 1 of 2 URLs.

Now the tricky bit:
5.    If ID is valid and previously used (they are a returning user)
6.    Post skip sends user to the URL previously directed to

I guess (emphasis on ‘guess’) what I am after is a way of:
•    Checking if user ID is a first time visitor
•    If Yes, send at random but store the URL the user is directed to
•    If No, send to the previously visited URL.

(I know it would be easier to have the IDs pre-determining whether the user goes to URLa or URLb, but that's not an option in this rather peculiar study)

Any insights welcomed

asked May 7, 2014 by dan r Bronze (1,600 points)

1 Answer

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If you use unique ID's or passwords and send a survey link to a respondent, the respondent can suspend the survey anytime and simple re-click on the link later and it will take them back to the suspension point of the survey.

If you are bouncing between surveys (like a main survey that links to a conjoint survey and back to the main survey) and you suspend the survey, it will still take the respondent back to the very survey and question at which it was suspended.

This is all part of Sawtooth's features.

If your ID's or passwords are not unique, this will not work. You can however activate cookies using non-unique ID's or passwords and this will generally treat non-unique ID's or passwords as if they were unique, however this also depends on computer settings at the respondent end.

I'm not certain this answers all of your questions but these features in Sawtooth basically allow respondents to suspend a survey and enable them to continue at the very point they suspended their survey.
answered May 7, 2014 by Paul Moon Platinum (67,375 points)
Thanks Paul

My understanding is that, as you say, if the 2 surveys (URLa, URLb) were ssiweb-generated then all would be fine with passwords and returning users to the survey page they last visited.

In this case only my landing page (to manage the % respondent split between the 2 external surveys) is ssiweb generated.

It’s an odd case I know – I can’t see  way to control the flow in the way outlined above.

Thanks again
Without the full details of your problem, it's difficult to understand a method of fixing your problem?

Can you setup a url field in the sample file and control things that way?
Paul, just to wanted to say thanks again for your input - in the end we opted to do this via the external survey sites that the ssiweb landing page was fwd'ing to.

Glad you found a solution.