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Data Storage


Previouslly I use SSI Web Version 5.4.8. And it storage data files on my webserver, in /studyname/admin/studyname.dat.

Now I use SSI Web V8 and I can't find dat file in the folder of my study. So I suppose data is storaged directly in the SQL base of my web server. Am I  right?

asked Apr 11, 2014 by Nikita

1 Answer

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In the new version, when you download the data from the survey admin module you get a .csv file (rather than a .dat).  You can use this file, or open the SSI Field menu and get the data and export it to something else like SPSS.
I'm not an advanced user by any means, but I hope this helps.
answered Apr 11, 2014 by Sarah
And by downloading the csv file from the host does not complete the task of Sawtooth seeing the data. You need to go into the Data Management menu option in Sawtooth and import the file in.