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Chrome browser & survey not progressing properly

Hi. I have noticed a peculiarity with the chrome browser which is causing some confusion/frustration for respondents. I have up until now ignored it but am now getting complaints. When the next button is clicked the browser can sometimes look like it is loading the next page (displays the "loading" animation) but then does nothing... Once the animation disappears, clicking the "Next" button a second time immediately loads the next page (so respondent need to click the Next button twice).

This seems to happen when the next page contains a grid or other more complex type of question - as if chrome pausing to load the page - but then does nothing.

Has anyone else noticed this and have you found a solution?

Am using version 8_2_4

Many thanks. Russell
asked Mar 30, 2014 by rapizel Bronze (1,420 points)
retagged Sep 1, 2016 by Walter Williams
I have been able to identify and solver the Chrome problem that we had been having.  Ultimately it came down to a DNS issue with Chrome.  I found a work around by using the ip address in our link instead of the domain name and when I did that there were no longer any page loading issues with Chrome.  Once I knew that was working we looked further and realized the DNS configuration in our firewall was using one of two possible ip addresses (as we had a back-up wireless internet service we were using if our cable went down) and one of the two was no longer active and Chrome was having issues with resolving that while the other browsers were fine.  Once I corrected the settings to only look for the one ip address everything has worked great with Chrome.  Hope that helps or at least gives you a direction to troubleshoot with.
Thanks for your feedback Jay. When testing a survey via Chrome using the ip address in the link, I still experience the problem (page loading delay then doesn't progress to next page). But you have shed some light on a possible cause... Cheers Russell

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Hm, we haven't heard any reports of Chrome specifically causing issues that I'm aware of (some of us here use Chrome as our default browser).  What we probably need to do is look for any consistencies in the problems.  If you have a unique identifier for each person and know who was having issues, you can look in their data record for things like what operating system and browser agent string they have.  Or perhaps the problems happened at a specific period of time and you can look into the server to see if a lot of people were taking it at the same time, etc.

If we are hosting the survey for you on our hosting system, you can send an e-mail to hosting at sawtoothsoftware.com and they should be able to check on some things like uptime and server logs, etc.
answered Mar 31, 2014 by Brian McEwan Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (39,070 points)
Just an update on this. I believe the issue is being caused by (if not caused then greatly exacerbated by) the setting within Chrome - "Predict network actions to improve page load performance". Disabling this setting seems to greatly reduce the occurrence of the problem. I now wonder if there is some script I can insert into a survey to override this feature in Chrome...?
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We just discovered an issue only with Chrome on the pages (SOMETIMES) taking much longer to load than they should.  It's a problem that is not consistent.  The first page always takes a bit longer than it should (15-20 seconds) and after that it's been hit or miss as to the issue occurring.  We do host on our own dedicated server that is currently running 2003.  My tech consultant can't come up with an explanation and has suggested upgrading the server to 2012.
answered Apr 1, 2014 by Jay Rutherford Gold (31,520 points)
We have recently seen similar behavior to the original post testing on iPad (possibly Chrome on Android too but I wasn't paying it too much attention) but figured it was just our internet/server at the time.
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Thanks for your replies. Here are some user similarities where I know the problem has occurred:

sys_UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.2; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/33.0.1750.154 Safari/537.36
sys_OperatingSystem: Windows 7 and 8
sys_Browser: Chrome 33.0.1750.154

I will try post more details when available.
I also host my own surveys on a managed Virtual Private Server.
I know it will be very difficult trying to narrow down the cause (device/browser/server configurations), unless lots of other users are experiencing same problem.
answered Apr 1, 2014 by rapizel Bronze (1,420 points)
Hi all (and g'day, Russell!)

Has anyone discovered any more?  We are about to launch a major piece of work for one of our clients involving 40 surveys and 400,000 possible respondents over 4 months.  Have configured a dedicated server specifically for this (with heaps of grunt).  When I loaded up the first survey for testing, I noticed substantial lag - and Chrome is my default.  I asked someone else on my team to test and he had the same problem on Chrome but the survey behaved itself on IE, Firefox and Safari.  (Another person did say she had some issues using IE, however, so that muddies the waters somewhat).  And, like Jay, our tech guys have been checking and re-checking server configurations and have come up empty.
Hi Marion. I still don't fully understand the problem but have made some progress, and with the help of Justin from Sawtooth, have made some tweaks to a survey file which improves, but not eliminates it. I'll not post any solutions here until I am sure they are correct and don't cause other problems. I'll contact you directly.
After chrome finishes loading are you required to click on the next button a second time? or does the next page load automatically?
First thing (I'm curious), try deselecting the chrome browser setting - Settings / Advanced settings / Predict network actions to improve
page load performance. Does that improve loading times?

Please post a solution if you find one.

I've read this post with much interest because I've been noticing an issue similar to what you describe both using chrome and using an Android browser.  On pressing "next", it stops to think for a while and then it stays on the actual page, so the user has to press "next" again.  Did you find any solution?  I hope it is something that can be improved within the questionnaire or on the server side, because we don't have control over the settings of each user's browser.  

Best regards

Hi. Unfortunately this problem is still plaguing me. The tech support looking after my Virtual Private Server have not been able to identify the cause. They don't believe it is a DNS issue. The search continues...


Justin Luster found a solution to the problem we were having:

"It is possible that somehow our method of showing a progress bar when the page is loading slow is messing it up.  I've attached a file that will allow you to experiment with this.  Unzip the file and then rename it from a .txt file to .js.  Next place it in your graphics/system folder.  Then upload it to the server.  It can be kind of tricky to make sure you have the latest JavaScript file.  You might need to refresh your browser etc.  Making this change will remove our progress bar."

In this description, "progress bar" means the little clock-like animation that shows when there is a delay.  In my case it turned out there was no delay at all, it was a glitch.  Changing the javascript file that shows the clock animation to another one that did not show it solved the problem for me.  I suggest you contact the helpdesk see whether this solution might also help in your case (which may of course be different to mine).  

I hope this helps.