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ACBC/HB: "The following error occurred during estimation: (blank)"

Hi there

It seems like the second time this error happened to me, when trying to estimate ACBC utilities within SSI Web v8.2.4.

Since there is no hint, what the root of the problem is, the only work around I could find out is, to setup a completely new survey and to copy and paste all the pages and every detail of the ACBC-wording and design.

This is not fun, but works without problem. When I estimate ACBC utilites with HB in the new survey (the same data as before) the error does not appear again.

Did anybody have the same error and found out how to avoid the error in first place?

Best regards,
Samuel Reuther
asked Mar 12, 2014 by rossam (160 points)

Sorry for your troubles!  Have you reported this error to our technical support group and sent in your project files so we can find the cause of the matter?  Could save you and others time if we could find and eradicate the potential bug.
Hi Bryan and Mike,

Thank you for your fast reply. I found out where the problem is.

By trying more things out, I found that that name of the path of the survey does not have to have letters like ä, ö, ü and as well ê. By avoiding these special characters (and maybe some more characters) the error does not appear any more.

Best regards,

1 Answer

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Sometimes I have seen this when you have many parameters per respondent. This could the computer process is running out of memory. Try reducing the number of respondents to estimate until it works. Then when you send the email into support we have a better idea about what might be happening.
answered Mar 12, 2014 by Mike Lodder Gold (23,410 points)