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Giving a title to response item in free-format question

I have created multiple free-format questions that are graphical selects and have been asked if it is possible show the response item in the admin module.

Right now, for a single select graphical select item with one variable named "state_RespSelect" a 1,2, or 3 shows up in the admin module. These relate to Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Is there any attribute that I can write into the area definition that will pass this title back to the admin module, or marginals page? The alt attribute is what is being stored when clicked, so here is an example for WA.

Example of area definition being used:
<area href="#" id="r1" shape="poly" coords="248,203,52,202,53,128,248,45 " alt="1" onClick="mystore(this)">
asked Mar 10, 2014 by RonH (195 points)

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