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One question that changes the text

Hi guys,

I have a first question Q0 (multiple response) with 4 possibilities, A, B, C and D.

Then, I have a second question that I want to change the text regarding the previous choice.

For example:

If the answer in Q0 is A --> Q1 will have "text1"
If the answer in Q0 is B --> Q1 will have "text2"

I try this but it's not working:
[% Begin Unverified Perl
return "text1";}
return "text2";}
End Unverified %]

Thanks a lot, sorry for my poor english!
asked Feb 25, 2014 by Bruno Marques (315 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote

You should try if(VALUE("Q0_1") == 1) instead of if(VALUE("Q0_1") = 1). Perl Script requires "==".
answered Feb 25, 2014 by anonymous
So simple... thanks! :)