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Password and pass-in fields for redirection


I have to set-up a redirection to an external website given by the panel agency: http://www.blablablasurvey.aspx?fedResponseStatus=10&fedResponseID=xxxxx

This time I guess it's more complex than a single field to adapt...
I set-up fedResponseID as Password field, and fedResponseStatus as Pass in field
Am I correct?
Of course I put the link above into my Terminate question.

Thanks in advance for your answer
asked Nov 28, 2013 by Manu

1 Answer

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Yes this is correct. If fedResponseStatus is constant i.e. always 10 then even it is not required to be setup in pass in field.
answered Nov 28, 2013 by Saurabh Aggarwal Gold (29,615 points)