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How to pipe images into the "none choice option" of a CBC?

Hello together,

I want to do the following but unfortunately don't know whether and if it is possible how to do it, could you help me on this?

I have e.g. Q1 in my questionnaire which is a grid question consisting of three columns.
Column 1 displays differnt images of e.g. brand label (line 1), health label (line 2), etc.
Column 2 askes respondents to check boxes if the image shown in colomn 1 is displayed on the product they currently buy.
Column 3 asks respondents to check boxes if the image shown in column 1 is not displayed on the product they currently buy.

So far, so clear?

Now I would like to pipe all the images of Column 1 that were checked in Column 2 into the "none option" of my CBC in order to have a "status quo" as none option.

The labels can be in the status quo displayed one beneth the other, meaning brand label on the top, health label thereafter as second, etc.

Is this possible?
asked Nov 18, 2013 by anonymous

It is possible by using some kind of Jquery code. I don't have such type in my example list. But if you or any of your company programmer have jquery experience. They can help you on this.

1 Answer

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The regular "SSI Scripting" language within SSI Web or even the fancier "Unverified Perl" script supported in SSI Web will allow you to write some code into the None concept, so that you pipe in a graphic based on a previously answered question.   You can search in our Help file for SSI Web regarding "Unverified Perl" to see many examples you can adapt to your purposes.  If you get stuck, just write or call our technical support line.

Because you are trying to stack images, you could go the route of including some HTML that arranges the graphics into a table, with each graphic placed in a cell of that table above the other.
answered Nov 19, 2013 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (156,655 points)