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Skip backwards with no data loss?

Trying to make a survey (aka using sawtooth as a RAD platform) where a respondent would be skipped to a select question which would then take them to another question based on their response, and them take them back to the select question. Ideally they would be able to go back and forth multiple times to enter and update data.

When I do this (v7 and v8 beta 1) when they are skipped back to the question from the select response to a question that they had previously skipped over, no data is getting recorded from the question they skipped back to.

Any way to accomplish this in v7? Make into free-format? Was thinking the new SSI_SetValue function in v8 could work possibly?

asked Dec 21, 2011 by anonymous

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For v8, I would use loops in conjunction with SetValue.  You can skip to the next iteration of a loop and SSI Web will think its a different question but to the respondent it will be the same.  That way you will not loose data.  Use SetValue for setting any values you want to change before the loop runs and use GetValue to retrieve them later.
answered Dec 21, 2011 by Mike Lodder Gold (23,435 points)
Hmm, possibly could work if I could set up an infinite loop somehow or make my looping list a long enough list of sequential numbers that it would be functionally infinite. I'd need the values entered in the previous iteration to show up each time, but I guess I could do that with GetValue and JavaScript.

If SetValue was available as a javascript fucntion it would totally make all my problems go away though..
You can use the LOOPITERATION and VALUE functions to get the previous values entered in the loop.  
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