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Skip Logic if Sum of Checks is bigger/smaller

Hey guys,

I'm trying to work out a skip logic.

If a brand gets checked more than twice over several questions (= if the sum of these checks is bigger than 2) I want to skip.

The specific brand has the following values:


So in the end I want to know how many of my conditions are true

is F1=1? Yes then this is the first check
is F4=5? Yes then this is the second check
is F22=3? Yes then this is the third check

Calculate the sum of checks = the sum of true conditions and if it's bigger than 2 do skip to the next question

Is there a function or anything do calculate the sum of these checks. Because in reality I got more than one brand and more than 3 conditions to be true - so building an AND/OR sequence is a bit painful

Thanks for helping
asked Nov 1, 2013 by lieferant (320 points)
retagged Nov 1, 2013 by Walter Williams

1 Answer

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Lets assume your 3 questions are single response select type questions.

One simple way is in a skip that would read ...

((F1=1 and F4=5) or (F1=1 and F22=3) or (F4=5 and F22=3))

You could try this Perl code in a constructed list called BrandConList also ...

Begin Unverified Perl 

 if (VALUE("F1")==1)

 if (VALUE("F4")==5)

 if (VALUE("F22")==3)
End Unverified

Your parent list is named BrandList and has ...

1 F1=1 label
2 F4=5 label
3 F22=3 label

You can now skip using the following command ...


If your select questions are multiple response, then use the following references to each brand ...


Good luck.
answered Nov 1, 2013 by Paul Moon Platinum (67,375 points)
edited Nov 2, 2013 by Paul Moon