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Multiple Conditional Pricing in one conjoint

Hello Team,

I have a CBC study in which I have been provided with 2 sets of Conditional Pricing rules. Is this possible to incorporate?
Can I use the Conditional Display method in this for the second Relationship involving price as conditional display?

Mal Saw
asked Oct 24, 2013 by mal_saw2001 Bronze (875 points)

1 Answer

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Indeed, a good trick to add multiple conditional price attributes is to use conditional display.  While CBC software only permits one conditional pricing attribute, conditional display essentially does the same thing, but isn't limited to just one conditional display relationship.

One key gotcha to remember: the automatic ability of the SMRT and Online Simulators to use conditional pricing (allowing the user just to directly type in the price value and that the software automatically looks up which level it corresponds to) is only provided by the one supported Conditional Pricing relationship.  With other conditional display elements, you'll need to be on the lookout to model interaction effects (as with conditional price).  And, when you use the simululator, you'll need to specify pricing for products in terms of raw level #s...which means you'll need to have your conditional pricing table handy at your side while using the simulator so you know how to convert prices into the relevant level numbers from the conditional relationship table.
answered Oct 25, 2013 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (154,105 points)