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Welcome to the new Sawtooth Software Forum!

After a lot of discussion regarding our old forum amongst ourselves and users, we have set up this new forum with some new features:

* Instead of dividing the forum in to separate subforums (the classic segmentation problem), you can use tags to identify your posts such as 'ssi-web', 'capi', or 'hb'.
* Registered users can edit their questions or answers.
* Answers can be voted up or down, and the most helpful answers are listed first.
* Registered users earn points for questions and answers posted.
* You can post code and HTML.  If posting code, you can surround it with [ code] and [/ code] and the new forum will visually format it for easy reading.

If you previously subscribed to receive email notifications about new questions & responses, you have automatically been added to the new forum's email notification list.  You may subscribe or unsubscribe by visiting the link in the footer of the new forum.

We plan to keep the old forum around.  We are disabling the ability to make new posts there, and once the replies on the old forum have stopped, we will shut down replies there.

We hope you enjoy the new forum, and we thank you for creating a great community.
asked Oct 24, 2011 by Walter Williams Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (16,250 points)
I really am thankful of the new structure, it should make "solutions" easier to be found. Is there a small "signature" module within the platform as well?

For now I've added my SSIWeb version to my name, so that when I post something it is clear which version I'm asking help for. Using Tags might be a bit too much to indicate versions.
Good idea on the sig and how it relates to version number.
There is one available.  I am only reluctant to use it because of the way people often embellish their signatures to the degree that it is difficult to separate the signatures from the content.

When it comes to versions, I would recommend using a tag such as 'ssi-web-7'.  If you simply use the version in your signature or username, it will be more difficult in the future for others to find version-specific information.
stupid of me.... I thought tags for versions would be bloated in cases of a general question, I was thinking to myself "who would enter v6 ,v7  etc" It never occurred to me to not put any version tag for general questions.

You're right, this should work well.
I still like the signature option better so that I dont have to type that each time.  Or perhaps another profile field where you can check the ssi versions that you use, and they will show up in the sig position.
A tag would actually work better because it will stay with the post.  When you upgrade from v7 to v8 and change your signature accordingly, then an old post about v7 won't be tagged as v7 anymore.
@David, that's a good point. So are tags created by adding hyphens to text?
@Ryan, when you create a question you can enter tags.  If you want to use multiple words for a tag, then you can use hyphens to separate the words (online-simulator could be a tag with two words for example).
@David, thanks!

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