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How to do manual upload on v8?

I have used v7 previously and the manual upload was rather simple: create the files, upload them via ftp with binary transfer, set permissions.

Now I see that the first step is more complicated: I have to setup Account Name, Database name, Database User name, Database Password and Database Server. Should I get this information from the IT department?

Also, there is an advanced menu where I must setup Database Settings. Can I just leave it at

Last question: if a server was able to run v7 will it be able to run v8? If not, what are the changes that should be done?

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asked May 23, 2013 by Michal Dudek Bronze (525 points)

2 Answers

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I'd get in touch with your IT department. Provide them with the following link:

That has all the details they'd need to determine if they have a server capable of running SSI Web 8 surveys.

With regards to your questions:
* Account Name - FYI, so you are free to chose anything
* Database Name - IT Department should provide this (as they create the database)
* Database Username - IT Department
* Database Password - IT Department
* Database Server - IT Department (this is the type of server)

You should check with your IT Department if you can leave the because it depends on whether they have a database running on your web server or if they have a dedicated machine hosting the database.

Hope this helps
answered May 23, 2013 by lennaert.goris Bronze (655 points)
So there is no way to keep it simple as in v7? This is not good news.
Sorry, from what I can find in the manual, no. The solution used prior to version 8 (data files) has been completely replaced by a database system. It does support both MySQL (a freely downloadable database system that works on both Windows and Unix servers) and MSSQL.
It looks like MySQL is not free of charge, at least according to their website. According to http://www.mysql.com/products/ the cost is at least $2000 per year.
You can create a single DB instance and use the same for all researches - if you set this once. The only difference is having the DB. The codes after getting published, the db tables will be created without your intervention. As it's mentioned, all *db* related things had to be set once by IT and you can even forget about them.
go for the community edition or install MSSQL Express edition :)
I'm wondering if it would be possible to add SQLite to the list of supported databases, possibly even integrated into SSI Web itself so people can deploy surveys on servers that do not have database access. I know it sounds strange but I can assure you, there are companies where getting a new DBMS approved for usage is a complicated process.
Alternatively, I'd be happy with Oracle support :)
We've had to use Putty every single time we want to upload a study. Are you saying that once we have a DB instance set up, I don't have to go through the process of 'creating' a new DB for every new study? If so that is exactly what we're looking for. Can you possibly direct me to a good place to understand how to go about that process?
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V8 now uses a database to store the respondent answers which offers much better handling of concurrency and load balancing and many other benefits.  

Your IT department or hosting provider should be able to tell you the database credentials.  Also, Have you tried auto upload?  All you need to do is tell it the ftp settings with the database settings and it uploads all the files and sets the permissions for you.

You can generally leave the database settings alone.  Again, your hosting provider should be able to tell you these settings.
answered May 23, 2013 by Mike Lodder Gold (23,395 points)