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How do you hide a CBC design that is used to populate Free Format questions?


We tried placing the following comment in the header of the CBC exercise:
Free_Format_Base_Name: FreeFormat
Free_Format_Variable_Name: response
Verification: ON

We get the following error when testing:
Sawtooth Error #147
Custom CBC error

When the comment is removed the free format question appears as it should, but so does the CBC exercise that the Free Format question is based on.

asked May 10, 2013 by anonymous
And, I just realized that in your "comment-out" snippet you copied into the header, you put:

Free_Format_Base_Name: FreeFormat

Whereas, I put:

Free_Format_Base_Name: FFTask
Free_Format_Variable_Name: response
Verification: ON

because my Free Format question was named: FFTaskRandom1

Yours will only work if your Free Format question associated with CBC task #1 is named "FreeFormatRandom1".  

Do you have that?
That was it, "Random1" was missing from the question name.

Hi Bryan,

That's the issue we couldn't figure out. We didn't realize it had to be named "FreeFormatRandom1".


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This can indeed be a tricky area, and if you don’t follow the documentation on “Free Format CBC Questions” precisely, it won’t work:


(I’m assuming you’re using SSI Web v8, as this is the documentation for v8).

The Free Format task name needs to end with “Random1” for the first CBC task, and then “Random2” for the second Free Format task.  For example, in an example I just tested for myself, I used  “FFTaskRandom1” as my free format question name for the first CBC task (on the same page as the first CBC task).

Then, there are the SSI Script functions for showing level text from the CBC study within the Free Format tasks.  I named my CBC study “mycbc”, so to show the first level of the first concept for the first task, I specified:

[%CBCDesignLevelText (mycbc_Random1, 1, 1) %]

Then, you’ve got to deal properly with collecting the responses to the tasks, and I used:

[%RadioSelect(FFTaskRandom1_response, CBCDesignConceptValue(mycbc_Random1, 1))%]

etc. one RadioSelect button per response within the CBC task, following this same pattern.

So, at this point what I can suggest to you is to follow the documentation precisely (see my first link above).   When I’ve had your same problem, I had to review the documentation and compare it to what I had done until I found the mismatch.  

And, of course, if you cannot get it to work that you send in your .ssi file to our help desk.  Our folks will look over your Free Format task, your CBC studyname and random task names, and find the mismatch that is causing the problem.
answered May 10, 2013 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (154,205 points)
edited May 10, 2013 by Bryan Orme