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Tie draws: How to deal with that function?


I just wanted to check if using tie draws bring better/different results than using constraints during the estimation process.
The problem is, that I always get an error message (cannot create utility file reader) after having included the .hbu- and the .dra-file to the tie-draws-form and having tried to start the program by clicking on "Begin".
Any idea, what my mistake was.

Thank you in advance for any help.
asked Apr 8, 2013 by kowara (120 points)
retagged Apr 8, 2013 by Walter Williams
Can you be specific as to which software and version you are using?
I'm using CBC/HB 5.0.
The most recent version of CBC/HB is v5.4.6.  It is a free update for all v5 users and your problem may already be solved in that version.

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