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SMRT segment variable does not evaluate to a valid expression


for the second study in a row I am having trouble when trying to use merged data as banner data in SMRT. The merge itself is working smoothless, as is the creation of auto-segments from it. But when I try to use the segments as banner data, I always get an error message:

The following country_seg category does not evaluate to a valid expression:

Category1: UK
Selection criteria: country = 1
Error description: A variable has been requested that is out of range. A merged variable was requested that does not exist. Remove or repeat Merge and try again.
Location in expression: 13

Unless otherwise noted, you may need to redefine the category by selecting 'Custom Segments' from the Analysis menu.

I did try to use custom segments but got the same error. There is data available for each respondent, and I used the same file of merged data and even the same variable in CBC HB as a covariate

I never had this problems with other projects before and am at a loss as to what might be the reason. I'd be really grateful for any advice.

I am using SMRT 4.22.0, if that is of any importance.

asked Apr 5, 2013 by anonymous

Please call our technical support team and we will investigate the issue with you.


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