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Skip Logic not working with 'Select' type question?

I am trying to setup Skip Logic with a Select type question.
Participants will be shown a list of 5 items from which they need to select 1 item/answer.
If the answer is equal to item 3, 4 or 5 in the list, skip logic must be applied. Else, if the item is 1 or 2, they will just advance to the next question and no skip logic is applied.
The select type question has it's own page and the page to which participants will be skipped to, if skip logic is applied, has also it's own page.

The syntax I use for the skip logic is the following:
ListValue(ReferralList, 4) = 1

I.e. if participants select item 4 in the list, they skip logic must be applied.
Sadly this is not working. Sawtooth says the syntax is valid, but the skip logic does not work. If participants select item 4 of the list, theys still advance to the next question and skip logic is not applied..

Is skip logic not compatible with single-select type questions?

asked Mar 23, 2013 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Your skip logic for s single response select question simply needs to be ...


So If your question name is Q1, then you would use Q1=4.

For multiple response questions (using check boxes), you would refer to each check box as ...

Q1_4=1 (code 4 at Q1) or Q2_3=1 (code 3 at Q2) for example.

Grids are a little different in that they need row and column identifiers included ...

Q1_r4 or Q7_c7 or Q5_c2_r9

The Sawtooth help explains things nicely. I suggest you look at how the different questions are referred to. Also, when you complete a program and you want to test it, go into the admin module and look at the data of a fully completed survey. You can see the naming conventions used by Sawtooth for the different question types.
answered Mar 24, 2013 by Paul Moon Platinum (67,375 points)