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Respondent's answers in Calibration Concepts - ACA (same number in two concepts and consistent answers anyway?)


i am running an ACA survey.
I also included a calibration concept in my study to test if the respondent's answers from the questions before have been consistent. I have three calibration concepts where they have to ente the smallest number in the first calibration concept, the highest number in the second one t and a number between the first and the second one in between. I integrated a quota into my survey which disqualified the respondents with inconsistence answers. The respondents had been qualified if the the number in the first calibration concept were smaller than in the second one AND the second one were higher than the third one AND the third one were higher than the first one.

Now I checked my data and I found that there are some people who had the same number for the first calibration and in the last calibration concept or in the second and in the last one.

Now I am confused, because the quota said that they are ok and when I checked the disqualified respondents as well, there had been some respondents who entered as well same numbers for two different calibration concepts and had been disqualified.

I thought that it might be that the respondent's utility from e.g. the first and the last concept is the same so that it is ok when he enter the same number then for these concepts and the quota decide that his answered are consistend anyway. Is that right?  Is my respondent then just indifferent between two calibration concepts?

Thank you very much for your help,

asked Feb 7, 2013 by anonymous
retagged Feb 7, 2013 by Walter Williams

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