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Depending on UID load different CSS Stylesheet

Hey guys,

I got a password filed "UID", and want to load a different CSS stylesheet if the UID>certain number.

How do I do that?
asked Dec 6, 2012 by lieferant (320 points)
retagged Dec 8, 2012 by Walter Williams
Perhaps you could provide a little more background as to why exactly you want to do this?  It would involve some custom code, so there might be a better way to achieve your goal.

1 Answer

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thank you. I just realized that I could call the CSS in the global header:

[% Begin Unverified Perl

if (VALUE("id") <= 100)
return "<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='" . GRAPHICSPATH() . "style.css'>";

End Unverified %]

what other ways would have been possible?
answered Dec 8, 2012 by anonymous