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decimal indicator gets lost when MBC exports simulator

when I create the simulator all the decimal indicators in the utilities tab are missing. My settings for excel, operating system and MBC are all the same with regard to decimals.
Has anyone experienced this before?
I have not had this situation with my previous computer, only now that I installed everything on my new computer.

Thanks for hints,

asked Nov 30, 2012 by alex.wendland Bronze (2,080 points)
retagged Nov 30, 2012 by Walter Williams
Can you clarify -- are you saying something that should show as "3.14159" shows as "314159"?  What happens when you export the output to Excel and open it there -- do you get the decimal indicators?  What is your decimal indicator set to?
Correct: something that should show as "3.14159" shows as "314159".
When I export Point Estimates of the respective HB runs the decimal indicators are present.

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