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CVA Pairwise Presentation - How to input paper and pencil data

I have created a CVA Pairwise Presentation study. I have all my questionnaires answered at a paper and pencil format. Now I want to transfer them to a csv format to do the analysis.

My question is how do I do this? I know that in the Help Menu the following can be found:

The layout is:
Column 1:  Respondent#
Column 2:  Version#
Column 3:  CVA answer #1, etc.

However it does not say what CVA answer #1 is. I mean I know it is the answer of the 1st respondent but how should I present this answer?

Lets say I have the following pair: red / 10 euros  vs.  yellow / 7 euros  and the respondent answered that he/she somewhat prefers the yellow / 7 euros choice, what do I put in column 3?

Thanks in advance!
asked Nov 10, 2012 by anonymous

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