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how do I prevent my scenarios from disappearing in the simulation manager?

It seems that every time I upload a respondent batch from a csv file with the data manager I lose all of the scenarios I had previously specified in the simulation manager.

The new respondent batch takes the place of the data I previously used so I delete all rows in the data manager.

While the analysis manager is not affected (all specified count and logit and HB analysis are still in place) the scenarios (e.g., fixed tasks and sensitivity analyses) are gone and I have to set them back up.
asked Mar 25 by alex.wendland Bronze (2,355 points)

1 Answer

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This sounds like a potential bug that we will need to investigate.

There may be a workaround by deleting all rows but one and then bringing in the new batch. My initial guess is that when you delete ALL rows it triggers a full reset on the data and simulations. The other option to try would be to to bring in the new batch of respondents on top of the previous respondents and use the merge feature so respondents coming in that are already present don't get brought in again. It really depends on whether you're bringing in more respondents or completely replacing the previous respondents with different ones.

We will look into this issue before the next Lighthouse Studio release. Check the release notes to see if we were able to address this particular problem.

answered Mar 25 by Jon Heaton Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (10,380 points)