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Alternative way to export fields within Lighthouse

I have a study that uses a lot of looping, and consequently there are a large number of fields.  Not all of the loops are seen though, but were included in the programming to maintain consistency.

I'd like to export the data from the survey inside lighthouse with more control options than the 4 arrow options that are given in the Export Fields window.  In a perfect world, I could paste in a comma separated list of the variable names.  This would allow me to define the list in a more controlled manner, and it would decrease the probability of making a mistake by a large margin.

Any thoughts would be very helpful.
asked Feb 24 by AlexRT (195 points)

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Not as elegant as a pasted in list, but perhaps one option would be to modify your .ssi file directly.  Of course, we highly recommend making a backup of your .ssi first just in case.  With that done, we can do the following:

Create a new export job in Lighthouse Studio with a unique name.  Give it a field or two to export.

Open up the .ssi in a text editor (e.g., Notepad) and perform a search for your job name.  Not far from that name you should be able to find an excerpt to this effect:


That first number is the number of fields we selected for the job in Lighthouse Studio, and the remaining lines are the names of those fields.  From here, we can adjust the first number and paste in whatever fields we want exported.

When we open up the modified .ssi in Lighthouse Studio, we should find our export job has been changed accordingly.
answered Feb 24 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (144,125 points)
selected Feb 25 by AlexRT