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Best-Worst Case 2 Survey Design


Currently, I am working on a best-worst case 2 design.  I found two examples in the below paper:


One example is Full-Profile MaxDiff Case 2 (page 38) and the other example is Partial-Profile MaxDiff Case 2 (page 39). I would like to know how would I be able to create such examples (of choice tasks) in Sawtooth Lighthouse Studio (or if there any documentation available that I could have a look at it). I am currently using a trial version of Lighthouse Studio. Thanks.
asked Jan 21 by fayyazkhan (155 points)
edited Jan 21 by fayyazkhan

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Best-Worst Case 2 surveys are easy to create in Lighthouse Studio.  You design them as MaxDiff experiments but you prohibit levels of the same attribute from being shown together.  That's it - you've designed a Best-Worst Case 2 experiment!  

If you allow the number of items/set to be the same as your number of attributes it will be full profile, if less, then it will be partial profile.
answered Jan 21 by Keith Chrzan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (90,475 points)
selected Jan 21 by fayyazkhan
Many thanks for this, Keith. Could you also please suggest how would I be able to format the choice tasks as presented on page 38 and page 39 (in Common Scale Hybrid Discrete Choice Analysis paper)? Is there any documentation available or do I have to write the HTML code myself? Thanks.
I don't believe those involved any fancy HTML or perl programming - you can choose that shading using menus within Lighthouse Studio.