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Can i generate all possible combinations in CBC design from lighthouse?

I want to generate all possible combinations from the CBC design in lighthouse studio. Is it possible to export these from lighthouse?

We have 7 attributes in total; 6 attributes with 6 levels each and 1 attribute with 5 levels ; in total 233280 possible combinations. There are some prohibitions which will results into lower possible combination as per CBC design.

asked Jan 15 by Hitesh Sharma

1 Answer

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CBC designs usually show more than 1 product concept per task.  For example, a typical CBC design might show 3 product concepts per task.  Thus, there are many more than 233,280 possible 3-product combinations that can be shown in any task.

But, in short, CBC's designer cannot generate all possible combinations for your 7 attributes design, even if we were talking about just one product concept per task.  And, for most every CBC project in practice, it is really unnecessary to do so.
answered Jan 15 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (173,090 points)