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How to bulid a terminate page with text and a re-direction link


I would like to add a terminate page that contains text and a redirection link.

If I use the Terminate question, I will be able to add text.  

In the past, I have done a work around by adding a Text page before the terminate question but found a lot of the survey takers would not click the next button after they see the text page.

Thank you in advance for  your help
asked Dec 13, 2019 by Sandy
It seems like you've got two options.  Option 1 would be to use a non-linking terminate question, with a manually added button that links respondents to the next page.  Option 2 would be to use a linking terminate question, but change the landing page to show what text you need finished respondents to see.  Which of these options seems better for you?
Which option will allow me to keep the text in Lighthouse and re-direct completes and terminates to another site where I don't have access to the site to make any changes and the site owner is not willing to modify there site?

Thank you
Then you'll need a non-linking terminate question with your own button / hyperlink.
Sandy, you could also still use a text page as you have in the past, just add some script to auto submit the page after 'x' number of seconds.  Then you aren't relying on them clicking next.  I have used all three of these methods at different times.

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