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Database Connectivity issue v8

I am having issue with database connectivity. I am getting this error:

An error occured while checking remote survey path for uploading.
Error: failed to connect to database.
System Error: DBI connect('SQL Server};Server=2xx.xxx.xxx.xxx; Database=Test12345; uid=test_user;pwd=Pasword;port=1433',",...) failed. [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBNETLIB]SQL Swerver does not exist or access denied. (SQL-08001)[state was 08001 now 01000] [Microsoft][ODBC SQL server][dbnetlib]ConnectionOpen(Connect()).(SQL-01000)[state was 01000 now o1s00][Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver] Invalid connection string attribute(SQL-01s00)

Can some one suggest what am i doing wrong.?
asked Oct 18, 2012 by sonalk (140 points)

1 Answer

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Hi. Do you use cpanel to manage your hosting site? If so I can step you through what I do to upload a survey using cpanel. Had you already created the database and asigned a user before trying to upload the survey?

answered Oct 18, 2012 by rapizel Bronze (1,420 points)
The IP address is of the server we host. So, no, we are not using cpanel. We have MS SQL server 2008 at the server.
I have already created the database & assigned the user before i attempted to upload the survey.
Hi Russell, I'm uploading my survey using cPanel, but I've got some bugs on the process...a hand would be pretty useful...