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Quota from Selections in Constructed List


Working a problem where consumers select retailers that they shop and want to assign them to a quota group based on who their favorite retailers are. To do this I have a Parent List of all the Brands (RetailersAll), Three Constructed Lists of brands from the parent (ex. Brands 1-15 are 'RetailersMall', Brands 16-27 are 'RetailersDepartment', Brands 28-41 are 'RetailersOnline', and 42 is 'None of the above;' If the respondent 'doesn't know,' then they view the full parent list). Once they select the retailers they shop, they are then asked to select up to their Top 3. This question is built using a constucted 'RetailersFavorite' list with the AIC command that references the questions where consumers select the retailers they shop.

Ideally, in 'RetailersMall' and 'RetailersDepartment' I would like a 800 responses for each and for 'RetailersOnline' I only need 400.

I'll note that I'm not the best at programming in Sawtooth yet, but learning. Any assistance would be greatly welcomed.
asked Nov 12, 2019 by Zachary
I want to make sure I understand what you're after.  Are respondents being placed into one of three cells ("Mall," "Department," and "Online") or into one of forty-one cells?

If the former, how does the top 3 selection factor into which quota cell the respondent ends up in?  The respondent can only end up in one of the three cells if one of their top 3 is in that quota cell's group of brands?

If the latter, is that over 26,000 respondents expected?
Thanks for the quick reply Zachary!

You are correct, there are three quota cells: "Mall," "Department," and "Online."

The Top 3 selection will be used to identify which quota group they go to, preferably using a  'Least Fill - Counts' approach. For instance, if I select 'Retailer 1,' 'Retailer 2 ,' and 'Retailer 28' I would have two in the 'Mall' group and one in the 'Online' group. If 'Mall' had 300 completes and 'Online' had 200, they would then be quota'ed as 'Online'

Does that help?

1 Answer

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I believe you'll want to start by setting up a quota question like usual: three cells, least fill, etc.  But then the qualification logic you want to put into each quota cell should be this:

Begin Unverified Perl
# Parameter
my $clist = 'list1';
my $firstBrand = 1;
my $lastBrand = 15;

# Run
for (my $i = 1; $i <= LISTLENGTH($clist); $i++) {
    my $item = LISTVALUE($clist, $i);
    if ($item >= $firstBrand && $item <= $lastBrand) {
        return 1;
return 0;
End Unverified

Line 3 must be updated with the name of the constructed list of top 3 brands.  Lines 4 and 5 must be updated for each cell with the first and last brands that apply for that particular quota cell: 1-15, 16-27, and 28-41.
answered Nov 12, 2019 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (147,000 points)