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Set CBC design version to random?

Hi, we are conducting a standard CBC on multiple offline computers. At the end all gathered data should be estimated together.
Unfortunately the DesignVersion is tied to the sysRespNum. This means that the first design blocks in the design will be used more often than the later ones. Is there any possibility to set the DesignVersion to a random number?
I tried this code, but it doesn't work:
[%  Begin Unverified Perl
SETVALUE("sys_CBCVersion_CBC", SYSRAND(1,200));
End Unverified %]
Another idea is changing the DesignVersion() direct, but due to it´s special state the DesignVersion() is only availabe in the CBC section (too late for a change) and it is not possible to change it anyways.
asked Sep 6, 2019 by Markus

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