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How do I interpret this price simulation?

We just finished a conjoint study and the price simulation is weird. I was baffled. It is the first mobile conjoint study we have run.

Label     $5,000      $10,000      $15,000      $20,000      $25,000      $30,000      $35,000      $40,000      $45,000      $50,000
SOP    21%    18%    15%    14%    12%    11%    12%    12%    12%    13%

The SOP first decreases as price goes up and then increases. Given the standard error, the SOP line is almost flat across all prices. If the explanation is people don't care about prices,  price turns out to be the most important attribute of all five attributes tested.

I don't know how to interpret the result. Does it mean people click through the conjoint and I didn't get any meaningful result?

BTW I already screened out some respondents based on time and low RLH.
asked Aug 12, 2019 by Xiaowen (440 points)

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