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Chinese characters appearing as question marks in SPSS export

Has this issue been corrected in v9.7.0?


I was getting Chinese characters appearing as question marks in SPSS.

It mentions ...
SPSS exports would not properly export some special characters.

asked Jul 23, 2019 by Paul Moon Platinum (80,435 points)
This issue ought to be fixed, but if users continue to have any issues with exporting to SPSS, we'd love to know about it.
Zachary, I'm testing this today on v9.7.2 and will report back to this post.

I am using v9.3.1 at the moment.
Hi again Zachary, I installed v9.7.2 on my 2nd desktop computer and performed the SPSS exports.

It appears the Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese scripts now appear correctly within SPSS. Good news there.

But I discovered something else that was odd?

I have 5 surveys (one for each language).

1/ English
2/ Malaysian
3/ Simplified Chinese
4/ Traditional Chinese
5/ Indonesian

In all my 5 SPSS data files, 4 were okay, but the Simplified Chinese SPSS data file split one of the O/E questions into 5 variables and set the width to 255 characters.

I conducted a little manual cleaning up and got the file into the shape it should have exported in.

I feel this maybe a bug of some sort?

I'll send you a link to the relevant Sawtooth Software files. If you could please forward it on to the relevant individuals to investigate, that would be awesome.

And please keep me in the loop.

Thank again, Paul.

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