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How to extract data in SPSS format?

I was trying to extract the data in SPSS format, but I was not able to find any other format than .csv, is it possible to extract data in SPSS format?
asked Jul 18, 2019 by raaamuz (360 points)

1 Answer

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Once you have captured your survey data, download your data file and copy it into your survey folder. Note you can also download the data directly within the Sawtooth Software authoring tool.

In the Sawtooth Software authoring tool, go to File | Data Management | Export Data. From there you can add a job and within that job, you can select SPSS as an export option and apply the various settings that suit your needs.
answered Jul 18, 2019 by Paul Moon Platinum (80,435 points)
Hi Paul, thanks, the script was done by someone else, he shared only the link for admin page where we have only .csv export but we wanted the data in spss format. is it possible to export in spss format from our end?
Yes, you can import a CSV file into SPSS.

Go to File | Import Data | CSV Data in SPSS and browse for your CSV data file. You will be presented with a number of import options (e.g. variables names on the first line, delimiters, text qualifiers, etc.) that you will need to work through, but the data should import nicely into SPSS.

The downside is you need to manually clean up and format your SPSS data file labels.

The other option is you request your supplier to provide the SPSS data file. This will be less work than the CSV file option.
Hi Paul, thanks for taking to write this. yes, I am aware that a .csv file can be converted to spss format. but I do not want to clean up the data manually that is the reason I was looking for SPSS format.

Let me check with my supplier then.
You will need to check your data. Hopefully it has been captured as per the questionnaire specs and there is no need to clean it up.