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resize conjoint page to fit cell phone

We are launching a conjoint survey targeting an app user, so most of the respondents will take conjoint on their phone. How do I resize the conjoint so it fits within a cell phone screen? Thanks
asked Jul 11, 2019 by Xiaowen (440 points)
Was the conjoint was designed using lighthouse studio? If YES, you would be having an option in Format tab of conjoint question named "Mobile Layout"
Where you can select either to "Swipe concepts horizontally" or "Swipe concepts Vertically", it may solve your problem.
You can also see an option "Maintain desktop layout" which would display as the same as displayed in desktops.
Hey Xiaowen,

Thanks for your mail. Version 9 and above have inbuilt power to adapt as per mobile.  If you have any particular format  which are not filling in cell phone screen, you can share link with us.  

To add to the other comments, SSI Web / Lighthouse Studio comes with four types of conjoint exercises: CBC, ACBC, ACA, and CVA.  Which of these are you using?
I'm using CBC

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