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Audience specific levels

Hi Keith, Similar to Sebastien's we have a few levels of a given attribute that won't apply to one or two of our sub-audiences, i.e. users of only certain aspects of the product so some levels of one attribute won't apply completely. Would the recommended approach be similar to what you've described above? Simply split the exercises and recombine them on the back end - will this approach impact the HB estimations if far fewer respondents only saw some of the levels? I would imagine there needs to be some matrix manipulation as well in order to get this to work properly.
asked Jul 9, 2019 by KKing (300 points)

1 Answer

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It could, yes, but so much depends on the specific details of a particular study - sometimes we can handle things like this with conditional display and sometimes we need to make different designs for different kinds of respondents.
answered Jul 9, 2019 by Keith Chrzan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (92,075 points)