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Other specify and Open-Question - Problem 1

Dear All,

I want to show the alert error massage to all kinds of "Other specify" and "Open question".

For example:

If they write text that contains letter "abc" will show error message.

Hope you understand.

asked Jun 25 by Saroeun
You don't want respondents to be able to continue the questionnaire if their open end question or other specify field contains specific text?
Just clarify!!

The respondent can write anything and I want to catch the some letters among their text.

For example, "We can improve our products."

In the text above, it contain the letter "pro". So, it will alert error message.
By "alert error message," do you mean that a respondent will see an error message and not be able to continue the survey until their text does not include "pro"?
yes, sure

1 Answer

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Try this custom JavaScript verification:

if (/pro/i.test(SSI_GetValue('OpenEndQ'))) {
    strErrorMessage = 'Error message';

"pro," the name of the field to check, and the error message can all be updated as you please.
answered Jun 27 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (124,300 points)