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How to design ACBC study with large # of vehicle models and enable cross comparison cross segments?


I am designing a vehicle study with 8 attributes: Make/model (6 vehicle segments, each  4- 6 models for a total of 30 models), engine type (ICE, Hybrid, PHEV, and BEV), Trim (4-5 levels), Fuel Economy, Electric Driving Range, Total Driving Range, Price. Engine type and Trim have component costs.

Originally I designed a ACBC model for each segment which is easily manageable (so 6 choice models, one for each segment). However with this design, it will not be possible to enable cross segment comparison. With the # of models and variations among attribute levels across vehicle segment, it is not easy to design just one choice model for all.

One initial thought is to design another ACBC model that will consist a subset of make/models (e.g. one model from each segment) and other  common attributes to the other  6 segment specific models. This additional choice model will be answered by different respondents. I intend to use this as a bridge between segments.

Time is limited so it is not possible to conduct a test before real study. Has anyone ever done something similar to the above? Any suggestions or concerns? Thank you
asked Jun 17 by mzhang (120 points)

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