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Recommendation for using Other or N/A as a level for Brand Attribute

Does anyone have any experience using an "Other" or "N/A" level for a Brand Attribute in a list of 4 other stable brands?  A client is recommending this, and I'm hesitating because it doesn't feel right.  I would guess "Other" could be ambiguous to some and potentially impact WTP or sensitivity or the effectiveness of a brand*price interaction.  Would love to hear if anyone has any experience with this!
asked Jun 14 by Megan

1 Answer

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I can imagine doing this differently for different industries.  

I'm having trouble seeing the circumstances under which I'd use N/A though.

I'm more used to seeing "other" or "any brand other than <list of brands in the brand attribute>" used as the opt-out (or "none") alternative.  

If your client wants to measure the value the brand name brings over and above the named brands and perhaps against an unbranded product, I can see that, but again how I'd handle that might depend on the product category, but in the past I've used things like  "store brand" or "generic" or "a brand you haven't heard of."
answered Jun 14 by Keith Chrzan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (79,225 points)