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Is it possible to get rid of the forward button if I created a submit button?

The syntax here works great and I am able to create the submit button.  However, underneath it I still have a forward button.  Can i get rid of that?  Or alternatively I could put the word "Submit" on the arrow but I only want to do that for one page of my study.  Is that possible?
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asked May 24 by Toxi
Here's something I use on many of my surveys.

I insert this CSS script into the HTML head tag under Settings / Headers and Footers ...
input#previous_button, input#next_button
    background-color: #515151;
    font-family: "Arial";
    font-size: 14px;
    font-weight: bold;
    color: #FFFFFF;
    border: 1px solid #515151;
    padding: 12px;

Under the General Settings tab, I select Text under the Navigation buttons and enter the text of my buttons (e.g. BACK and NEXT).

The CSS above allows you to change the button colour, font, font weight, etc.

Give it a try.
I believe you can get rid of the original buttons of the survey using this code


#previous_button, #next_button {
    display: none;


hope it works
Thank you both for your quick reply!  Both of your solutions worked so I am all set.  Thanks again!

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Glad you got it working and nice to have a number of solutions too.
answered May 24 by Paul Moon Platinum (74,405 points)