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Recalling a CBC answer in a later question


I have one free format and one CBC_Fixed questions, each has 2 concepts to choose one from. I want to desp[lay the chosen concepts from each question, later on, to make the respondent confident that he actually chose what he wanted to choose, How could I do that??

I am thinking that I need to use the function:

CBCDesignLevelText (ExerciseName_CBCQuestionName, ConceptPosition#, LevelTextPosition#)

in a table format but I have a problem in the (ConceptPosition#) I do not know how to refer it to the exact concept chosen by the respondent, as adding a [% ExerciseName_CBCQuestionName %] is not working and I do not know how to assign this value to a separate variable

Note: I have also a MaxDiff exercise that I want to do the same this with the best and worst choices

asked May 23 by AMYN Bronze (1,335 points)
edited May 23 by AMYN

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Setting the second parameter to ExerciseName_TaskName should work, but remember that you should never nest Sawtooth Script:

[% function1([% function2() %]) %]

Instead, the syntax for what you want will look like this:

[% CBCDesignLevelText(cbc_Random1, cbc_Random1, 1) %]

MaxDiffs already score the true item value, rather than the position of the item in the MaxDiff task, so we could use ListLabel for that:

[% ListLabel(list1, mxd_1_b) %]
answered May 23 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (121,525 points)
This worked perfect for the CBC task, what about the free format, how can I recall its answer?
Can't you recall that answer the same way you would most questions?

[% FreeFormatQ_VariableName %]
That function will recall a numeric that represents the concept they chose not the composition (labels of the levels) of that concept.
You're doing a free format CBC?  I think you'd still want to use CbcDesignLevelText to get the related levels, but you might have to pass in the free format variable name for the second parameter.
thanks for the suggestion but I did not work and since it is not an important part of the survey I just kept the number of the answer