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The Not Applicable library question in Edge

Hi all … has anyone else had a problem using the Not Applicable question with it not working in the Edge browser?  I'm on 9.6.1.
asked May 23 by Marion Bronze (3,600 points)
Can you expound on what incorrect behavior you are seeing?  Is there an error in the admin module?  Or an error in your browser's console (accessible by pressing F12 and clicking "Console" on the webpage)?
Well I needed to create a work around cos the job was urgent, but the main thing I noticed was if the box was ticked and then unticked, the question was still greyed out.  It didn't become answerable.
I haven't been able to reproduce that behavior.  If you still have a .ssi that demonstrates the problem, could you send it in to support@sawtoothsoftware.com for me to look into?

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