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Hide/Not show similar levels for ACBC Choice Tasks

Is it possible to hide/not show the similar levels on the ACBC Choice Tasks.  We are just wanting to show the levels that are dissimilar.

Thanks for any help with this.
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asked May 21 by Bryan

1 Answer

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Without trying to do anything fancy, you can edit any one of your Choice Tournament ACBC questions and change the "common level background color" to match the same color as your text.  That will essentially black-out any common levels that are tied across concepts in the choice tournament, rendering them unreadable.  Admittedly, this isn't the prettiest way to deal with this; but it does the job of not allowing respondents to be able to read the text for attributes that are tied across concepts in the Tournament section.

All this said, from a researcher's standpoint, I think it's a good idea just to grey them out (as currently is the default in our software), so that they are still readable, allowing respondents to retain the larger context of the tradeoffs that are being asked.
answered May 21 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (163,615 points)