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Why sometimes the last Screener Concepts are not being displayed in my ACBC ?


I designed an ACBC survey with summed pricing and a constructed list for one of the attributes.

However, I noticed that on the 6th Screening Task (of normally 4 concepts each), only 1 concept was displayed. There was a blank space where the other 3 should've appeared.

I naturally thought that the total number of concepts shown (7x4=28) was too much (since it shows only 6x4-3=21) so I limited it to 20 concepts shown in total (5x4).

It worked well in the beginning but during a test, I chose an Unacceptable level and the same problem appeared again : this time, the 2 last concepts didn't show => the total number of concepts was 5x4-2=18.

I feel that there's something I'm missing, can you help me figure it out?
asked May 21 by Youssef (120 points)
edited May 21 by Youssef

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