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ACBC Screening Task - displaying a checkmark for "Yes" and blank for "No"


Is there a way instead of showing Yes and No in an ACBC Screening Task to replace the Yes with an image of a checkmark and replace the No with a blank so it would appear nothing was there?

Thanks for your help.
asked May 20 by Bryan

1 Answer

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The yes and no texts of a screener question can be edited in the ACBC Screening Task's settings, in the tab Question Settings.  If you select the edit button next to "Concept Acceptance Label" or "Concept Rejection Label," you can replace the texts here with images.

You can certainly clear out "Concept Rejection Label" if you want to remove the label from that radio button, so long as you are sure that respondents will understand what that non-labeled radio button means.
answered May 22 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (121,525 points)