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Conjoint - Add a 3D rotatable image.


I have a client asking if it is possible to add a 3D rotatable image within a conjoint?

"They are interested in the simplified conjoint design with only a few attributes / levels to mimic the “info” on a shopping shelf – like in the example below.

But their question is whether our script would allow not just to show the static picture, but to have the visual 3D rotatable?  "
asked May 20 by Sandy
Embedding 3D images into a webpage is possible, but it's a large task.  If you do not already have such people in-house, you may need to consult a graphics expert to create the 3D models you want and a web programmer to handle the embedding.

Do also note that this will increase the amount of time it takes for your survey pages to load; users on older browsers may not be able to load up the element at all.

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