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Manipulating page control buttons


I wanted to manipulate the buttons going to the next or previous pages by one of 2 methods:
A) hide the default buttons and add my custom buttons where I I have 4 buttons, one for next page, one for previous page and 2 to change some variables on the question page, I want all four to be on the same line ( I managed to add the buttons I want but could not hide the original ones)
B) add the 2 custom buttons between the default page controlling buttons & changing the labels on the original buttons.

Can anybody help me solve this issue?!
Thanks a lot

asked Apr 16, 2019 by AMYN Bronze (2,980 points)

1 Answer

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The entire page submission element can be hidden with this CSS:

.submit_div {
    display: none;

If you need to keep that element but hide the actual buttons themselves:

#previous_button, #next_button {
    display: none;
answered Apr 16, 2019 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (145,900 points)
Well, I am using the submission element in my submission buttons, and when I do that The original submission buttons lose their functionality and just remain on the screen without any use. That is why I want to hide them.
But if I use this code, the buttons I added also disappears.
What do you suggest?
The second code should only hide the default buttons, not the buttons that you are adding yourself.

I suppose it might misbehave if the buttons you are adding reuse the IDs "previous_button" or "next_button."  If that is what is happening, you'll want to use unique IDs for your new elements.
Well, what you are speculating is true, because I am reusing the  IDs "previous_button" and "next_button." they also disappear.
I am reusing them because I want to position them in a certain location on the page.
what is your suggestion if still I want the buttons to perform the (previous) (next) function but position them in a different position in the page?
The CSS and JavaScript rules that define the appearance and behavior of the previous buttons could be applied to new buttons without reusing those IDs.  Recreating the contents of SSI_SubmitInitialize (found in your survey's main JavaScript file) with your own IDs should handle the behavior aspects.