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Internal labels

Thank you! I am using the CBCDesignLevelText (ExerciseName_CBCQuestionName,
  ConceptPosition#, LevelTextPosition#) function to calculate a summed price to be shown at the bottom of the concept. But if I use conditional display or any formating in the variable labels, I find that this function is not able to pick up the right value. Is there any solution for this?

The program has a provision for an "internal lable" for each label - how can I access this in the program?
asked Sep 13, 2012 by Asset (340 points)
I wasn't able to reach it in SSI7, haven't had time to play with v8 to that degree yet.

But I know for a fact that it does get the correct price even with conditional pricing. Are you sure you are not hindered by randomization of the items on the screen or such? Do you get no price at all or a a seemingly wrong price?

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