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How to Specify RLH as a variable in labels XML

I am doing some secondary analysis of another party's CBC data (which I know was produced in Sawtooth), and would like to run an online market simulator. I have utilities (i.e., .csv), but not their labels.xml, so am creating one from scratch. The example in the help pages is straightforward, but did not include coding for RLH, which appears in my data in column 2 between Respondent ID and the first product attribute. Is RLH a segmentation variable, an attribute, or something else? Generally, how do I code RLH in the labels file? Likewise, my data has a column for demographic weight that I'm not clear on how to code for the labels file. Thanks in advance, and sorry if this is answered somewhere in the documentation!
asked Oct 26, 2018 by CrankyButCool
Sorry; I do see some of what I needed in the documentation.

Does this look right? Specifically, is the "fit" defined properly?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <variable isRespondentId="true" column="1">
            <variableLabel>Respondent ID</variableLabel>
        <variable isRespondentId="false" column="28">
            <variableLabel>Demographic Weight</variableLabel>
    <fit column="2">
    <attribute number="1" coding="partworth">
        . . .

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