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SSI Web v8 Beta Released

We are excited to announce SSI Web v8 Beta.  If you are interested in being a beta tester see:

asked Nov 10, 2011 by Justin Luster Silver Sawtooth Software, Inc. (6,670 points)
Justin, I remember it being mentioned somewhere. Do you have any plans about adding an option for external browser (maybe even with command line parameters), instead of the current system default?
It is not in the plans for the 8.0 release but we will be releasing features more regularly in version 8.  At first glance this probably would not be difficult to add.  Perhaps you can comment more on the "ideal" way you'd like to see it work.
I'm using Firefox as the default browser on my computer and at a given time I have several tabs open in it. When I click test local, I'll need to find the new tab among others.

I'd really love to have a "use the browser at this location" option to set let's say chrome.exe to launch the test page, so I can have a very quick opening, no-hussle instance of my survey.  

The reason I mentioned "command line parameter" is this; let's say I've clicked test survey and chrome launched. Then if I go back to SSIWeb without closing chrome and reclick test survey, I would most probably get another tab in chrome. by providing a command line parameter I believe I can force it to use a single tab.

In essence, I picture this as a checkbox and an editbox somewhere in preferences.
Checkbox: Use a different browser than system default
Editbox: path and command line parameters to the browser executable (i.e. c:\prog...\chrome.exe /singletab)
If we have ss8 questions/comments, where should we post those?
If you have any questions or feedback you can post them here:




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