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My device does not support GPS

I saw that our devices do not support GPS. Can I do about handle this problem? Or do I have to find another devices with gps supported?
asked Oct 25, 2018 by Hüseyin

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Hi Hüseyin,

If your device does not have a GPS, you cannot have GPS offline, if it's used online, you can use operator based GPS on your device, but it would be approximate. Maybe it would be a good idea to use external BT enabled GPS receiver.
answered Nov 7, 2018 by Mithat Bronze (4,715 points)
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Even without full GPS capabilities, your device may be able to get approximate geolocation information through your device's data / wifi.  You could experiment with running my script on your device and seeing if you can get the information you're after.

If you are planning on conducting your study in places without a reliable internet connection, though, geolocation data cannot be collected on a device without GPS.
answered Oct 25, 2018 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (145,900 points)
I tested with iphone but Geolocation_Error is "Err #2: Origin does not have permission to use Geolocation service". I looked at Settings Settings Icon > Privacy > Location Services is opened also opened for safari.

So why is it giving this error?
It looks like some browsers only distribute geolocation information over HTTPS connections rather than HTTP connections.  That may be the cause of that error.
Without internet connection